BRP Prüfungsthemen

  • Inquiries: getting information about products, services,…
  • Placing an order: ordering goods on the phone
  • Complaints: complaining about damaged goods, wrong articles,….
  •  Jobs: Job applications/interviews, office work, flexible working schemes, teamworking
  • Forwarding and transport: how to transport various goods, sending goodsfrom A to B

    Banking: different services banks offer, how to take out a loan, credit cards versus cash cards

  • Environment: how to protect the environment, pollution, how to save energy, how to lead an environmentally friendly life
  • Management: different management styles (autocratic, democratic, ….)
  • Motivation/Incentives: what motivates people at work, what incentives firms offer their employees
  • Advertisement and Marketing: strategies advertising industry uses, promotional activities, brands (how brands work, ‘brand loyal’, global brands,…), types of ads
  • Globalisation: effects (pos and neg), multinationals
  • Business Ethics: pos. and neg. sides, why businesses set up ethical standards
  • Tourism: organizing trips to different cities, booking rooms/flights, getting information about hotels, forms of travelling, different kinds of holidays
  • Retailing: different stores (department store, supermarket,…), shopping online, fair trade
  • Business styles: franchise, sole trader
  • Media: TV, radio, newspaper, internet, social networks
  • Health: healthy lifestyles, food/diet, eating disorders
  • Sports: popular sports, spectator sports, reasons for sports, team spirit